Epoch ID Complete U14 Stick


Epoch offers the perfect setup for a U14 player looking for maximum performance at a value price point with the Epoch ID Vision Dragonfly Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick.

Engineered with the same passion and vision as the rest of Epoch’s elite stick lineups, the ID Vision head hits the market jampacked with technology designed to get the very best out of the player in control. With a Zone 2 mid/low pocket and an iQ3 Flex Point, the ID Vision head generates the right amount of torque and velocity for younger players looking for an added snap to their shots and passes.

When coupled with the Epoch Dragonfly ID composite shaft, the ID Vision Dragonfly Complete offers unparalleled control and precision for the U14 game, allowing the stick to respond to the player and give the right amount of flex when moving the ball.

From Epoch’s elite Dragonfly line of shafts, the Dragonfly ID shaft paired with the new Epoch ID Vision head is the perfect setup for a U14 player looking to take the next step and move their game into the elite category.