Epoch Integra Elite Glove


Our Integra Elite Player Glove is designed for the Elite lacrosse player looking for the best in protection and comfort. The Integra Elite utilizes Player Core Control, Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack, flexible Composite material, and more to maximize feel, design, and control. Our engineers have once again raised the bar on lacrosse technology

Our Integra Elite Player Glove uses a non-rigid stabilized composite material that is extremely lightweight and “flexible”. Our engineers incorporated the composite material into the design of our glove utilizing it to protect the thumb.

ARIAPRENE® is a performance foam designed to feel and perform like a second skin, allowing the user to experience unrestricted movement control with impact properties. This proprietary foam-core technology provides an additional protection layer in key slash areas in the Integra protective line and was developed to be environmentally correct. Ariaprene® foam-core technology surpasses all the required restricted substance lists and was built to be environmentally "future-proof.”