True Raven Complete Women's Stick


Premium full-size, girls lacrosse stick designed for players who are honing their skills and need a stick that can do everything on the field. No matter what position you play, the RAVEN will make throwing, passing, catching and scooping a breeze so you can take your game to the next level.

  • The RAVEN head was designed for beginner / intermediate players and want a wider face shape to make catching the ball easier.
  • The scoop on the RAVEN head was designed to scooping the ball effortlessly and channels the ball directly into the center of the pocket.
  • The pocket comes with our exclusive women’s mesh that naturally centers the ball in the stick and helps provide the deepest possible pocket.
  • The alloy handle comes with our soft touch finish for better grip and control.
  • Large diamond mesh gives maximum depth and hold while smaller diamond pushes the ball to the sweet spot.