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Welcome to the Bothell Lacrosse Team Store.

All products are recommend for Bothell Lacrosse Players.

Recomended New Player Start-up Kits: Maverik Charger Glove, Maverik Charger Arm Pad, Maverik Charger Chest Protector, Cascade CS-R Helmet

All orders received before 11/21/21 will be attempted to delivered by Christmas.  No orders will be processed prior to 11/21/21.  Orders received after 11/21/21 will not make Christmas delivery.

If you are looking for other items that aren't listed on this page you can shop the rest of our online store and those products will be added to your order.  We have many more items than are listed here, these are just some recommendations from Bothel Lacrosse.

For any questions or issues please contact Tucker Sargent, 406-546-6171, [email protected]